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  • 유저테스팅의 브라이언 스미스가 전하는 A/B 테스트 인사이트

    A/B 테스트(분할 테스트라고도 불림)란 유사한 특성을 보이는 방문자들을 대상으로 웹 사이트 또는 제품의 두 변수(A와 B라고 칭함)를 비교하여 어느 것이 더 효과적인지 확인하는 것입니다. 따라서 이를 토대로 더 나은 성과를 낼 수 있는 변수를 채택하게 됩니다. 현재 유저테스팅(UserTesting) 마케팅 부문 부사장인 브라이언에게 A/B 테스트가 UX 디자인 프로세스의 핵심 요소인 이유와 성공적인 테스트 수행을 위한 몇 가지 팁을 물어보았습니다. Read more

    By Adobe Korea on Creative Dialogue
    Published on May 24, 2017

    In a world filled with imagery, how do we get viewers to stop in their tracks? Founder of The Heart Project and Story Art, Karen Alsop, will be running a special session at Make IT in Sydney on Day 1 of the conference on precisely this topic. Here's her latest project. Read more

    By Adobe Asia Pacific on Creative Dialogue
    Published on May 24, 2017
  • Mise à jour de Premiere Pro 11.1.1

    Nous publions ce jour une mise à jour de Premiere Pro CC 2017 qui contient deux correctifs importants et que nous conseillons vivement d'effectuer. La mise à jour corrige un problème concernant une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui supprime automatiquement le contenu du dossier des caches de média au bout de 90 jours. De plus, un second problème est corrigé : la variation de l’amplitude de crête au moment de la normalisation de toutes les crêtes sur les clips audio. Read more

    By Patrick Palmer on Creative Connection
    Published on May 23, 2017
  • Modernes Avantgarde Design aus Barcelona - Birgit Palma in unserem Adobe Fav Freundebuch

    Birgit Palma ist in den vergangenen Jahren zu einer der bekanntesten Illustratorinnen im deutschsprachigen Raum geworden, obwohl Birgit nun schon seit einigen Jahren in Barcelona lebt und arbeitet! In unserer neusten Adobe Fav Ausgabe erzählt die selbstständige Grafikdesignerin über ihren Werdegang. Read more

    By Adobe DE Team on Creative Connection
    Published on May 23, 2017
  • Adobe Comment on TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods Supreme Court Decision

    Dana Rao, vice president of Adobe Intellectual Property and Litigation, provided the following statement on the Supreme Court’s TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods Group ruling that places new limits in patent suits on “forum shopping,” which is the practice of plaintiffs searching for friendly courts to file a… Read more

    By crispaden on Adobe Public Policy
    Published on May 23, 2017