UTC #154: SVSes, IDCs, KPS 9566 & Unicode 11.0

The 154th UTC (Unicode Technical Committee) meeting, which starts one week from tomorrow, will have a very interesting agenda for me, based on the latest documents at the end of the 2017 document register, and in the 2018 one.

What is dearest to me are L2/17-436 and L2/18-013, which are two SVS (Standardized Variation Sequence) proposals that are effectively split versions of L2/17-056 that was discussed during UTC #153 last October. The feedback that I received was very useful. Why did I split the original proposal into separate ones? Quite simply, the SVSes in L2/17-436 are less controversial, and are more likely to be accepted. If accepted, these SVSes will be reflected in a future update of the Adobe-branded Source Han and Google-branded Noto CJK Pan-CJK typeface families.

Another SVS proposal that will be discussed is L2/18-020, which proposes an SVS for the historic horizontal form of U+3127 ㄧ BOPOMOFO LETTER I that looks like a vertical bar. If accepted, this SVS will also be reflected in a future update of the Adobe-branded Source Han and Google-branded Noto CJK Pan-CJK typeface families, though it is currently supported in those fonts via the OpenType 'hist' (Historical Forms) GSUB feature.

So, there are three CJK-related SVS proposals that will be discussed during UTC #154, which cover 52 characters and propose a total of 80 SVSes.

Also discussed during UTC #153 last October was L2/17-386, which proposed three new IDCs (Ideographic Description Characters), and the feedback led to L2/18-012, which is a revised proposal for four of them. The image below shows the current set of 12 IDCs, along with the four newly proposed ones that are highlighted in red:

My friend, Eduardo Marin Silva, resurrected an ancient proposal to encode characters in North Korea’s KPS 9566 standard by submitting L2/18-004. Feedback was submitted via L2/18-011, L2/18-014, and L2/18-017. I submitted my own feedback via the official contact form, which will be discussed during UTC #154.

Lastly, the repertoire for Unicode Version 11.0 is scheduled to be locked down during this meeting. Only five new CJK Unified Ideographs are expected to be in this new version of the standard.


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