Adobe-Japan1-6 Is Expecting!

Dr. Ken Lunde, the attending physician at Adobe Regional Hospital, would like to share some Very Good News™ about Adobe-Japan1-6. According to a recent pregnancy test, Adobe-Japan1-6 is expecting, and Supplement 7—to be referred to as Adobe-Japan1-7—is now scheduled to be born sometime during the first half of next year. What’s more, the ultrasounds have revealed that near-identical twins are expected.

After a thorough investigation into this news-worthy matter, Dr. Lunde strongly suspects that Supplement 7 was originally conceived on December 1, 2017, and based on the current growth rate of the twins, as evidenced through ultrasounds, the expected delivery date will be on or around May 1, 2019, but definitely not before February 24, 2019.

In any case, as more ultrasounds and other tests are performed—and as the twins continue to grow and form—more information about them will be revealed. For now, all we know for certain is that they will be delivered at code point U+32FF that does not yet have a name. But, for good measure, they have been assigned CIDs (Child IDs), specifically 23058 and 23059, which will guarantee their uniqueness among thousands of other CIDs.

Lastly, we had originally hoped that the delivery would take place in Room 12.0, but because it will be occupied by other another party with a more aggressive delivery schedule, the adjacent Room 12.1 has been reserved.

Please join me in wishing Adobe-Japan1-6 a quick and painless birthing experience! There may even be a baby shower.

2019-08-02 Update

In order to prepare for a smooth and painless delivery for all parties involved, Dr. Lunde released the Adobe-Japan1-7 CMap resources and the Adobe-Japan1-7 version of the “Adobe-Japan1-UCS2” ToUnicode mapping file to the CMap Resources and Mapping Resources for PDF open source projects, respectively, on 2018-07-30. Of course, the purpose of releasing these key delivery resources early is to be able to test how the newborn will behave in various environments prior to the actual birth.


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