Changing the timeout setting for LiveCycle applications

Have you ever been working away in LiveCycle Workbench ES or LiveCycle Administration Console, when you’re unexpectedly forced to log in again because your session has timed out? By default, those components time out after two hours (regardless of activity or inactivity) and you have to log in again. But if your organization’s security policies allow it, you can change the default timeout setting to any value up to 1440 minutes (24 hours).

If you’re using LiveCycle 8.2.1, you can change the timeout setting by logging into LiveCycle Administration Console and clicking Settings > User Management > Configuration > Configure Advanced System Attributes. The setting is named Session Timeout Limit (Minutes).

If you’re using an earlier version of LiveCycle, you can change the timeout setting in the configuration file. To update the setting, follow this procedure:
1. Log into LiveCycle Administration Console and click Services > User Management > Configuration > Import and export configuration files.
2. Click Export to produce a config.xml file that contains the current LiveCycle ES settings.
3. Open the XML file in an editor, change the value for the following entry to a number between 5 and 1440 (in minutes), and save the file:
<entry key="assertionValidityInMinutes" value="120"/>
4. Go back to the Import and export configuration files page and import the file that you just modified.

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