Debugging Processes in LiveCycle Workbench ES – Record and Playback

Have you ever had a less than ideal experience debugging a process using LiveCycle Workbench ES? In previous versions , the only way to debug your processes was to monitor the server logs or use the Variable Logger service. These methods allowed you to see variable values and also monitor how your process progressed, but they did not visually allow you correlate the data for effective debugging and troubleshooting.

New to Workbench ES in LiveCycle ES Update 1 (8.2) is the ability to record your processes as they run and then play them back to ease your debugging experience. These new record and playback features allow you to visually step through the progression of a process (both the steps and routes taken), view variable values, and see specific errors related to issues in a process.

The recordings are saved on the LiveCycle ES server, where other developers using Workbench ES can also access recordings, allowing for collaboration and efficiencies when debugging or troubleshooting processes. Since recording and playing back processes can degrade the server performance, we recommend only using this feature in development or testing environments – not production environments. You can delete recordings when you no longer require them and when you are done debugging a process, you can disable the recording.

For more information about using the new Record and Playback feature, see

The following illustrates a process version in Playback mode:


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