LiveCycle 8.0.1 Service Pack 3 now available

We’re pleased to announce the release of LiveCycle ES 8.0.1 Service Pack 3. This release not only addresses a number of customer related issues, but also includes updates to the documentation set.

New for this revision is the “Using Watched Folders” chapter in the Administering LiveCycle ES guide that provides details on topics such as:

– How Watched Folder works
– How to configure the Watched Folder service
– Planning for performance and scalability
– Failure points and recovery
– Security, tips and tricks, and service-specific recommendations

Also updated for this release are the Configuring LiveCycle ES Application Server Clusters guides for both JBoss and WebSphere application servers.

Check out the resource site at for the latest guides. And don’t forget to read the Release Notes for those last minute updates.

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2 Responses to LiveCycle 8.0.1 Service Pack 3 now available

  1. Sven Prevrhal says:

    I am confused I have LiveCycle Designer 8.0.1 and want to use it to create a web form. I crashes at startup and so I thought I’d install the service pack.1. Where is the link to the service pack?2. Why are the links provided here going to LiveCycle ES pages? Are these the same products?3. If so where is the service pack?Cheers Sven

  2. Joanne says:

    You must have a licensed copy of LiveCycle to get product updates. For information on how to obtain this service pack, please refer to your Maintenance and Support welcome package or to the Customer Support portal for contact details.