LiveDocs: Demystified

What are LiveDocs?
LiveDocs are a technology developed at Adobe that allows you to provide feedback on our product help documentation. That feedback comes directly to the team responsible for creating the documentation that you commented on.

Providing comments using LiveDocs is one of the best ways to get our attention and make a positive contribution to the larger Adobe community. Other readers will be able to see your comments, as well as any responses we make to you, which helps others who may share the same thoughts or issues. If your comment highlights something we need to change, we make sure that we address the issue for the next time we post the documentation. We also put the offending writer(s) on half rations of food for a month to teach them a lesson 😉

Can I provide comments on any piece of LiveCycle ES documentation?
Not yet. We still distribute a portion of our documentation as PDFs. However, a significant percentage of our LiveCycle documentation is available in LiveDocs, including (but not limited to):

And many more. For a complete list of what is available, visit the documentation web site and look for items that include a LiveDocs link.

How do I use LiveDocs?
Using LiveDocs is fairly easy. Before you begin though, you will need to get an Adobe account. There really are benefits to being a member in this case.

Once you have an Adobe account, browse through one of the pieces of documentation available in LiveDocs. Once you open a help system, you will notice an Add Comment button at the bottom of each page in the help. To add a comment, click the Add Comment button. You’ll be asked to sign into your Adobe account, if you aren’t already, and then you’ll be taken to a simple web page with a single Comment field. Type in your feedback, and then click Submit.

Your comment is routed directly to the LiveCycle documentation team to be verified. This step is a must to prevent things like spam and Hello World! style comments. Someone from our team approves the comment and then the writer(s) responsible for the section that you commented on are asked to provide a response within 48 hours. We take that deadline very seriously. You have taken the time to enter a comment, the very least we can do is return the favor.

What kinds of things can I comment on?
If you’re the kind of person who sits in an aromatherapy bath reading through the documentation as if it were one of the great pieces of literature, we want to know why you think so. Similarly, if you read something and think ‘I wouldn’t even line my bird cage with this tripe’, then we want to know why.

In addition, if you have experiences or sample code you want to post for the benefit of other users, then that’s terrific. We are all about bringing people together.

That’s it. We look forward to hearing from you!

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