How to exclude objects on a master page from the tabbing order sequence

When customizing the tabbing order sequence between objects on a form, you may sometimes want to exclude certain objects on the master page from the sequence, but without using the Protected option on the Value tab to do so.

You can do this by applying a setFocus method on the objects you want to exclude. The script excludes an object by changing the focus to the next object in the sequence. That is, when you tab to an object on which the setFocus script is applied, the script automatically executes and moves the focus to the next object.

For example if you have a Button object on the master page that is not protected, you can apply the following JavaScript on the onEnter method.;

Keep in mind that the setFocus method configures the object to always jump to the scripted target; the object will no longer be included in the tabbing order displayed on the Tab Order palette.

To learn more about Scripting, go to the LiveCycle Designer ES Help and search for Scripting.

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