Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you? The missus? And the reindeer? Great, great.

Listen, unlike previous years when I provided you a detailed, alphabetical breakdown of the goodies I’d like to receive, this year I’ve decided to take a different approach. This year I’d like to get you something: Adobe LiveCycle ES. And when I say “get you something”, I mean you should get it for yourself.

I first got the idea after watching some Christmas movies with my kids. Your operation, in particular the manufacturing and distribution units, appeared to implement what can only be described as 18th century methods and processes. You gotta loosen up there big guy, accept change as a good thing and roll with the technology. Send the elves out on some training, it’d be good for them to upgrade their skills.Anyway, I feel like LiveCycle ES could really help improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your organization. First off, all that data collection must be a real challenge. Tracking the behavior of millions of children and cross-referencing against their previous track records, my head hurts just thinking about it. If it’s one thing LiveCycle ES does, it’s data collection. You could use PDF forms, form guides, Flex applications, whatever those little elves feel most comfortable using, and push all that beautiful electronic data into secure databases. Check out the screen shot below of data capture in action.


View larger imageOf course, data capture is likely only one aspect of the process. Data must get disseminated down to the various toy-producing groups, decisions must need to be made by middle management elves, etc, etc, etc. LiveCycle ES does that too. Using process designs, you can craft workflows visually while at the same time having access to some very powerful application building technology. I’ve attached a picture of a process I think you could use for the receipt and review of incoming letters (like this one you are currently reading).


View larger image

Behind it all, LiveCycle ES has some great server-side services that do just about everything (but clean up reindeer droppings). There are services for protecting documents, assembling and generating PDFs, encrypting, accessing databases, email … the list goes on.Just think how great a few LiveCycle ES solutions could be. Improved efficiency means more time for yourself. You’d be able to get some exercise so you can lower your chances of heart disease. Your weight is becoming an issue according to 9/10 doctor’s I’ve surveyed (and by “doctor” I mean “people playing World of Warcraft”). Or perhaps you and the missus can reconnect on a beach somewhere without all those prying, elvish eyes (little scamps).Maybe you’d save so much money by replacing some of those antiquated methods you currently use that you could look at investing in some innovative research. For example, maybe expand your web presence from nothing to something, or maybe replace those reindeer with something that generates a little less fertilizer.Hey, it’s all up to you big guy, I’m just the messenger. But give LiveCycle ES a look, it might just help your organization get a little better.Yours truly,AlexP.S. Oh, and while I have you, there is one thing I wanted to ask for this year on behalf of myself and my family. A little world peace would really go a long way right about now. Aaannnnnd maybe an iPhone.

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One Response to Letter to Santa Claus

  1. Santa Claus says:

    Dear Al,

    Thanks for the tip!!! This is exactly what I am using this year to organize my trip around the globe and the improvements are fantastic. Thank you also for keeping an eye on my health but I am good really. My huge belly is fake, you know, just for marketing. Nobody likes a skinny Santa. I will see what I can do about the iPhone… but do you really want it since it doesn’t support Flash? It pisses me off that all those nice Santa Flash movies are not available ont he Iphone…