Adding common layout and background elements to a form design

You can add common layout and background elements to a form design using master pages. A form design is the design-time version of a form that you create in LiveCycle Designer ES. By default, all new form designs have a master page, which is applied to the first page. Any page that you add to the form design is formatted according to the layout of the default master page unless you create and apply different master pages to other pages.

At the very least, master pages can define the orientation and dimensions of pages. For example, you can create one master page for portrait orientation and a second master page for landscape orientation. In more complex forms, you can use master pages to adjust the size and position of content areas, add page numbering, company logos, and create single- or double-sided features (such as headers and footers).

Example of a form that uses master pages The following form is a Dunning Notice. It has a flowable layout where the data in the table flows onto the second page. In this design, the first page of the form is different from second page. If enough additional data were added to the table, it would flow onto a third page, and the new page would have the same layout and background elements as the second page. The Dunning Notice form shown here was designed with two master pages, one for the first page only and one for subsequent pages.master.gifThe first master page displays the company logo, form title, watermark, address box, and footer. The second master page is for subsequent pages. It displays the same watermark, address box, and footer as the first master page plus page numbering. Here is what the master page layout for the Dunning Notice form looks like:dunning_master.gifTo learn more about creating master pages in LiveCycle Designer ES, go to the LiveCycle Designer ES Help and search for “Using master pages”.

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