Generating a PDF from any application that supports printing

Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES Update 1 (8.2) introduced a new feature called the PDF Generator ES IPP Client, which allows you to generate a PDF from any application that supports printing. The feature is essentially a print driver that prints to PDF Generator ES. After the print driver is installed on a user’s computer, “Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES” appears in the user’s list of available printers. Printing to that printer from any application sends the document (in PostScript format) PDF Generator ES. LiveCycle PDF Generator ES then converts the PostScript file to PDF and sends the PDF file to the user as an attachment to an email message.

Note: The PDF Generator ES IPP Client is only supported on 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista.

Here are the steps required to get this feature working:
1. Install and configure LiveCycle PDG Generator ES.
2. Log into LiveCycle Administration Console, click Services > Applications and Services > Service Management, and find provider.email_sendmail_service. Click the service name and ensure that the Configuration tab is filled correctly. This is where you specify the information that LiveCycle uses to send the email messages.
3. Ensure that your users are configured with a valid email address in the LiveCycle database and assign the PDFGUserPermission to each user. (See Managing Users and Groups and Managing Roles in the LiveCycle User Management Help.)
4. Install and configure the print driver on your users’ computers. For instructions on installing the print driver, see “Installing the IPP client” in your LiveCycle Installing and Deploying guide (such as Installing and Deploying LiveCycle ES for JBoss).

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