Mockumentation: Using Form Guides in LiveCycle ES

As part of our ongoing initiative to be a friend to the environment, we wanted to reduce the number of old socks polluting our landfill sites. So, to give these old socks a new life, and to explore different ways of delivering meaningful information to you, we are now using sock puppet videos to provide LiveCycle ES overviews.

See our latest video describing how PDF forms and form guides can be used to capture information for an insurance claim process.

Disclaimer:The information provided herein and in the attached video are solely due the influence of April Fool’s day. Any resemblance to real or actual puppets (living or dead) are pure coincidence.


  • LiveCycle ES Server: Tony Greentube
  • Form Guide/PDF form: Lenny Leotard
  • User: Wally Wool
  • Workspace ES: Macky Mache
  • Insurance Agent: Molly Mocksock
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Mockumentation: Using Form Guides in LiveCycle ES, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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