Customizing form guides using CSS: Missing in action

Everyone is apologizing these days. Automakers in the US, financial institutions around the world, that guy who bumped into me in the lobby this morning. I figured it was my turn.

Allow me to explain, you see during the last full LiveCycle ES release (version 8.2), we had a dilemma in terms of our documentation for form guides. We weren’t sure how to handle the information related to customizing form guides using CSS. It seemed like customizing form guides using a CSS was something customers would like to do, but we didn’t have any concrete data to back that up. We didn’t know if customizing form guides using a CSS was a typical use-case. So, due to time constraints, we opted to drop the CSS material from the documentation in favor of beefing up the Customizing Form Guides Using Flex Builder document.I’m sorry.We still haven’t had any feedback that customizing using CSS is a very common situation, but it seems like it should be. I thought maybe people would find it simpler if I posted the default CSS files for each of the stock form guide layouts that come with Guide Builder (the form guide creation tool included with LiveCycle Designer ES). That way, if you want to create simple CSS customizations, you can just modify one of the CSS files in your favorite CSS editor, and then import it into Guide Builder. Voila!We have some instructions on how to do the importing here: LiveCycle Designer ES Help. I’ve added some basic comments in the CSS files themselves indicating what aspect of the form guide the different CSS classes control.Download files:CobaltBar.cssCobaltStandard.cssCobaltTree.cssButtonBar.cssLeftAccordion.cssLeftMultilevel.cssWorkspace.cssI hope you find this useful.Have a good day.

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