Adobe Flash Builder 4 Beta: Get it while it’s hot!

Earlier this week, Adobe launched the Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta program. Flash Builder 4, which is the next evolution of Adobe Flex Builder, includes a long list of feature improvements, new data-centric development features, and a new design-develop workflow with the new Adobe Flash Catalyst.

Flash Catalyst, also now available in a public beta, is a new interaction design tool for rapidly building application user interfaces without coding. Both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst are based on the updated Flex 4 framework, also available for a beta download.You can check out all of these beta programs at the Adobe Labs website.“Hold on”, you’re thinking, “isn’t this a LiveCycle blog? Why are you telling me about Flash Builder?” Sure it’s a LiveCycle blog, but did you know that Flash Builder is a critical part of the LiveCycle ecosystem? You can use Flash Builder to create custom form guide components (see Customizing Form Guides Using Flex Builder), create customized Workspace ES instances (see Customizing the LiveCycle Workspace ES User Interface), create applications that call LiveCycle ES services via Remoting (see Programming with LiveCycle ES), and more.I’ll vouch for these new beta applications; they are fun to use. And if you are someone who uses LiveCycle, I’ve just given you enough information to fend off your boss’ dirty looks if they come around and see you enjoying these beta applications on company time. And if you aren’t a LiveCycle user, well, you should be.So go on, treat yourself. Everyone else is doing it.Have a great day

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