Are you ready for Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 (beta)?

Adobe LiveCycle Data Services allows Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), developed using the Adobe Flex SDK, to communicate seamlessly with LiveCycle ES. Flash Builder 4 (beta), as previously discussed, is available on Adobe Labs.
Both Flash Builder and LiveCycle Data Services are important parts of the LiveCycle ES ecosystem because they allow you to rapidly develop RIAs to leverage LiveCycle ES services.

So, get the exciting scoop on LiveCycle Data Services 3 at Adobe Labs. You will find that the tooling aspects of using Data Services have greatly improved, and there is a more simplified application development workflow. In several cases, you can develop new, fully functional applications with no server code in under 10 minutes! These videos are available to help you get started if the new version of LiveCycle Data Services piques your interest. Have fun, and please continue to provide feedback!

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