LiveCycle ES Processes Do Not Support Collections of Collections

If you try to add a list to a list in a process, you’ll get unexpected behavior — because it’s not supported. Nor can you add a list to a map, a map to a list, or (you guessed it) a map to a map. If you try to add a collection to another collection, each item in the first collection is added to the second, not the collection itself.

Let’s say my process has a list variable called listVar. I use the Set Value service to add some values to it:/process_data/listVar[1] = “abc”/process_data/listVar[2] = “xyz”I then try to add this list to another list, uberListVar:/process_data/uberListVar[1] = listVarThe first item in uberListVar is “abc”, and the second item is “xyz”.

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