What’s to come in LiveCycle ES documentation

Since we released LiveCycle ES last year, we have continued to update and improve the documentation. We hear what you are telling us and are working with the various teams here at Adobe provide you, the customer, with the best quality of information.

What we have provided you so far:

– Updated the installation and configuration documentation for each of the Service Packs to address reported issues
– Provided new documents such as “Techniques for Configuring Applications for LiveCycle Workspace ES
– Responded to LiveDoc comments requesting more clarification or information on certain topics, and updated the online documentation with these responses. (Please keep the comments coming!)
– Posted new articles on the LiveCycle Developer Center such as “Displaying LiveCycle ES process data in Flex graphs” or “Using Java servlets to invoke LiveCycle ES processes”.
– Posted new technical notes on the LiveCycle Knowledge Base to clarify technical issues encountered by you. We continue to roll these type of notes into our documentation for the next release.
– And last, but not least, all of the posts on this new LiveCycle documentation blog.

What are we working on for you for a future release:

– Improving the discoverability of the documentation. This includes redesigning our documentation web page and investigating ways to improve the usability of the documentation and your search experience.
– Providing more “getting started” content for the new LiveCycle user and using new media such as video tutorials.
– Integrating our content with the content on the Developer Center and community contributors.
– Providing more samples and quick starts and making them easier to find and use.

Please continue to send us your feedback on the documentation. This blog is the perfect way to contact us.

And, don’t forget to check out LiveCycle Café and the Tour de LiveCycle. Both of these applications have an abundance of information to help you develop your application or troubleshoot a problem you may have encountered.

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