LiveCycle ES web application cheat sheet

After installing LiveCycle ES, there are a number of URLs that you use to access various LiveCycle ES web applications. Here’s a cheat sheet for those URLs.

LiveCycle ES web application Web URL
LiveCycle Administration Console http:// [host name]:[app port number]/adminui
LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES http:// [host name]:[app port number]/ReaderExtensions
LiveCycle Workspace ES http:// [host name]:[app port number]/workspace
LiveCycle Rights Management ES

Note: Before you can access Rights Management ES, you must create a user that is assigned the LiveCycle Rights Management End User role.

http:// [host name]:[app port number]/edc/

LiveCycle Business Activity Monitoring http:// [host name]:8888/bam/login/dashboard.htm
LiveCycle Contentspace ES http:// [host name]:[app port number]/contentspace
LiveCycle PDF Generator ES to access a IPP printer (Internet Protocol Port) printer http:// [host name]: [app port number]/pdfg-ipp/install

Where:[host name] is the name of the server where you installed LiveCycle ES. Type localhost if you are logged onto the server. [app port number] is the default port number for these supported application servers:

  • JBoss : 8080
  • WebLogic: 7001
  • Websphere: 9080

Note: Your application server may be configured to use another port number instead of the default one.Example: If you installed LiveCycle ES on a JBoss application (named LC-SERVER) and wanted to use the LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES web application, type http://LCSERVER:8080/ReaderExtensions in a web browser. Please note the capitalization!

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