Adobe Announces LiveCycle Mosaic ES2

You may have missed it during the MAX 2009 conference, among all of the announcements, but Adobe has publicly announced a new product that allows users to create composite Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

That’s the official line, but from someone on the inside let me tell you its a pretty cool product. Imagine being able to translate your knowledge of Flex and JavaScript directly into creating reusable mini-applications, or tiles, that can be shared across multiple RIAs with ease. The tiles provide the “composite” in composite RIA, meaning a single set of tiles can translate into myriad combinations of final applications. We supply the framework, you supply the creativity.What does all of this have to do with LiveCycle ES2? Well, the server-side components of LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 get added to a LiveCycle ES2 server, which provides the hosting environment. You also utilize the User Management functionality of LiveCycle ES2 to define users and roles. To end users however, it’s as easy as going to a URL (using the web client) or launching an AIR application (through the desktop client) and then immediately interacting with the applications you’ve created.Want to learn more, check out the LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 product web site here: There’s also a data sheet available at that link that provides more detailed examination of the features.Have a good day!

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