What I heard at MAX 2009

I had a great time at Adobe MAX 2009. I talked to many users of LiveCycle ES and got some great feedback about the documentation. I don’t mean you all love our docs, but I mean you provided some great insights into how we can improve. (But some of you do apparently love our docs!)

Some of the things you asked for:

  • More examples
  • PDF versions of Help
  • More access points to Help via F1
  • Make it easier to find information on Adobe.com

These issues are all on our radar.

For one, we are working on mining the Adobe.com LiveCycle ES forums for examples. I also hope for more suggestions from you on our LiveDocs pages.

Also, take a look at the Beta version of the Community Help AIR application. Let us know what you think. This new tool makes all the information that you need available from one location, and includes ‘Livedocs’ commenting and other easy ways to keep in touch with the user community. This is only implemented for a few Adobe products right now. Would you like to see it used for LiveCycle?

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