Create LiveCycle ES2 services that return real-time web service data

Did you know that as a Java programmer, you can create LiveCycle ES2 services that return real-time web service data? That is right, you can create a business process that retrieves real-time web service data over the Internet by using a LiveCycle ES2 service that invokes external web services. For example, assume you want to create a business process for the National Weather Service, a branch of the United States government. You can create a LiveCycle ES2 service that can invoke an external web service and retrieve weather data.

Although you can communicate with a third party web service using the LiveCycle web service component available with Workbench ES2, you can create a custom component instead. Creating a custom component offers you additional flexibility. For example, you can develop the component to analyze real-time data and then create an XML schema to better reflect your business priorities.

Also when using the web service component in Workbench ES2, you have to create an XML SOAP request and handle a SOAP response. Some Workbench ES2 users may be unfamiliar with SOAP requests and responses. Instead, create a Java proxy library using JAW-WS or AXIS. Then all you have to do is call methods that retrieve the data from the third party web service. There is no need to create XML SOAP requests and handle SOAP responses. The Java proxy library can be used within a LiveCycle ES2 component.

After the component is deployed, Workbench ES2 users can then use operations by dragging operations onto a process map. They do not have to specify a WSDL endpoint, create XML SOAP requests or handle SOAP responses. It is the component that handles the SOAP requests and responses, not Workbench ES2 users. For details, check out the following article:

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