LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 Ships!

Alright, so we were so busy putting the finishing touches on the product that we forgot to post an announcement to this blog that LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 was available. Well it is, and just in time for the start of a new year, and a new decade.

So what is Mosaic ES2? Well, in short it is a new offering from Adobe that allows you to create composite Rich Internet Applications (cRIAs), which are customized workspaces that deliver real-time views from multiple data sources in a context that is tailored to user roles or responsibilities. You can use it to package and deliver multiple web applications and pages in a unified environment.Here’s a screen shot of the Mosaic ES2 Brokerage sample application (click for a larger image):lcmosaic_screenshot.png

A. Contacts tile B. Portfolio tile C. Stock Information tile

If you’re interested in learning more, well there are resources aplenty:Main product web page: documentation: short introduction video on the Developer Network: 101 video tutorial: your eyes open for an evaluation version of Mosaic ES2 and a technical whitepaper, both scheduled for December 2009.Have a good day.

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