Get it while it’s hot: New Component Development Tool for LiveCycle ES2

Available on Adobe labs is the prerelease of a Component Development tool that you may find useful when you create custom components for LiveCycle ES and LiveCycle ES2. In a nutshell, the tool simplifies the workflow to create the component.xml file and build the JAR file to deploy to LiveCycle ES2. Check out the tool here.

What are custom components you ask? Custom components consist of Java code that you expose as reusable components in LiveCycle ES2. For example, you can create a custom component that provides custom email capabilities to extend LiveCycle ES2. You can reuse the component in business processes you want to automate using LiveCycle Workbench ES2.

For more information about developing custom components, see Programming with LiveCycle ES2 Help. For information about creating processes, see Application Development Using Livecycle Workbench ES2 Help.

Please feel free to comment on the tool here.

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