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API Documentation for ECM Connectors is now Online

Here’s announcing the availability of the documentation for LiveCycle APIs that assist in seamlessly integrating your LiveCycle solution components with industry-leading enterprise content management  (ECM) systems. LiveCycle APIs are currently available for EMC Documentum, IBM Content Manager, IBM FileNet, and Micrososft SharePoint Server.  Click on the following links to view the APIs for currently supported EMC systems.

  1. EMC Documentum
  2. IBM FileNet
  3. IBM Content Manager
  4. Microsoft SharePoint

For more information on how LiveCycle Connectors for ECM systems, go to:

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Content Services ES2: Improving performance

You can disable content indexing to improve Content Services ES2 performance. However, keep in mind that disabling indexing will also disable text-based search within new content. To disable indexing:
  1. In the adobe-contentservices.ear file, navigate to
    LiveCycle Content Services.ear/contentservices.war/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/model and open the contentModel.xml file for editing.
  2. Locate the following line:
    <type name=”cm:content”>
  3. Set the index enabled and tokenized properties to false
  • Change <index enabled=”true”>  to <index enabled=”false”>.
  • Change <tokenized>true </tokenised> to <tokenized>false </tokenised>.
For additional performance improvements, you can disable the conversions required for indexing. To disable these conversions:
  1. In adobe-contentservices.ear, browse to 
  2. Preserve a backup of the custom-metadata-extractors-context file.
  3. Delete this file from the EAR.
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Some more Tech Notes

Here are a few more Knowledge Base tech notes that have been published this past month:

Error “ALC-DSC-119-000: InvalidCoercionException: Cannot coerce object: of type…” when using Date objects
LC ES2: Description of locale setting in adminui incorrect and misleading
LC ES2: API documentation: description of locale parameter incorrect and misleading
LC ES2: PDF returned from renderPDFFormWithUsageRights() does not respect locale settings

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