Some more Tech Notes

Here are a few more Knowledge Base tech notes that have been published this past month:

Error “ALC-DSC-119-000: InvalidCoercionException: Cannot coerce object: of type…” when using Date objects
LC ES2: Description of locale setting in adminui incorrect and misleading
LC ES2: API documentation: description of locale parameter incorrect and misleading
LC ES2: PDF returned from renderPDFFormWithUsageRights() does not respect locale settings

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2 Responses to Some more Tech Notes

  1. Fabrice77 says:

    This is very informative. People will know where to go and what to do when these things happen. Online support is a great help for people to easily solve their software or program problems, most especially those who are not much familiar with this application. I really like how the team actually recognize, acknowledge and address these issues. And took time to come up with solutions for these errors.

    Organizations definitely would improve in their productivity through this efficient process and the online back up plan for unexpected technical deficiencies.

  2. I think that this is something that all other applications should be doing. I appreciate it much how Adobe keeps track of the quality of their products and how it is working through reaching to the stakeholders and continue to improve their services.

    Their help content team are excellently doing their job here. It shows that they are knowledgeable on the thing that they are doing and that they are willing to make their products even better.

    With the new LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, information is easily communicated and understood by those who comprise the the organization.