Just-in-time provisioning of LiveCycle ES2 users

Beginning with LiveCycle ES2 Service Pack 2 (, LiveCycle ES2 supports just-in-time provisioning of users that don’t yet exist in User Management. Just-in-time (JIT) provisioning creates new users dynamically in User Management once an authentication provider has successfully authenticated their credentials. Additionally, relevant roles and groups are assigned on-the-fly to the new user.

We have published a new TechNote that you can read to understand and implement this feature. This TechNote discusses the following:

  • The need for JIT user provisioning
  • How to implement JIT user provisioning
  • JIT user provisioning: Behind the scenes
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3 Responses to Just-in-time provisioning of LiveCycle ES2 users

  1. Michael Imhoff says:

    Where are the samples located that are called out at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/samples/UserManagement-JustInTimeProvisioning.html?


  2. Srividhya says:

    I am unable to locate the below zip files in the service pack:
    adobe-sample-ap.jar CustomAssignmentProvider.zip
    adobe-sample-ic.jar CustomIdentityCreator.zip

    Do let me know the path where these zip files can be located/downloaded

  3. Melanie Jackson says:

    This zip file contains the CustomIdentityCreator.zip and CustomAssignmentProvider.zip files: