ADEP developers: new Client Component Framework help content!

Let your journey to the land of really, really cool modular Flex applications begin:

  • Develop large applications comprised of  loosely-coupled modules
  • Define service APIs  using interfaces, deployed separately from the implementation
  • Consume  services without a priori knowledge of the implementation
  • Use multiple (potentially conflicting) versions of the same classes in the same application

While Client Component Framework has been out there as part of  ADEP Experience Services, the help content has been brewing and is now live. Prepare yourselves for some heavy doses of dependency injection! Here’s where you can go to get the party started:

And here’s some information that is already out there:


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2 Responses to ADEP developers: new Client Component Framework help content!

  1. Florian says:

    Is it possible to use CCF without ADEP ?

    I’m looking for something similar to OSGI on the Flex side but not really interested in ADEP

    • Scott Brodersen says:

      Client Component Framework only comes with ADEP, so you’d need to purchase ADEP Basic as a minimum. From a technical perspective, you could reference a local copy of the CFF libraries from your vanilla Flex project and go from there.