ICR customization to display custom asset attributes in advanced search

This blog post is part of the series on customizing the Adobe Integrated Content Review solution.

In the Assets view of the Integrated Content Review solution interface, you can find an asset using either basic or advanced search. You can perform advanced search using search attributes, such as campaign name, manager, state, status, and timeline. Besides these attributes, you can create new search attributes. These custom attributes appear in the advanced search options and search results.

To modify the advanced search parameters, you must update the FML file describing an asset. A few custom attributes for assets are predefined—for example, brand of an asset, asset height, asset width, and so on.

The following steps use a pre-defined, asset-level attribute to modify an asset’s FML file:

  1. Open workItem.fml located at: ICR_SOURCE/integratedcontentreview/package_data/apps/solutions/icr/assetDefinitions/.
  2. Add properties (described below) in the entity for workitem.fml.
  3. Update the solution interface. (Refer to Setting up your development environment to do so.)

Following is an explanation of the properties of the attribute:

  • visible: Marking its value as True makes it visible in the search results.
  • searchable: Marking its value as True makes it visible in the advanced search pane.
  • extendedPropertyPath: Path of this attribute.
  • assetPropertyType: Marking assetPropertyType as “extended” indicates using extendedPropertyPath attribute, instead of searchPath attribute, to search for the brand name.

For example, the following sample can be used to add a new attribute titled Brand in the advanced search pane.

<property name=”brandName” type=”string”>
<annotation name=”DDS”>
<item name=”displayName”>Brand</item>
<item name=”visible”>true</item>
<item name=”searchable”>true</item>
<item name=”searchPath”>WorkItem.attributes.brand</item>
<item name=”columnOrder”>5</item>
<item name=”basicSearchEnabled”>false</item>
<item name=”extendedPropertyPath”>WorkItem.attributes.brand</item>
<item name=”assetPropertyType”>extended</item>

An instance of the advanced search pane and the search results, as they appear after this customization, are shown below.

Custom attributes in advanced search pane

Custom attributes in advanced search pane

Further references:
This ICR page, to know more about the solution.
The solution guide to get started with the solution.

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