LiveCycle Designer accessibility resources

LiveCycle Designer allows designers to design accessible forms, that are usable by people with various disabilities. Accessible forms also help designers comply with various laws and accessibility standards, such as Section 508. LiveCycle Designer also provides support for creating accessible XHTML files (using LiveCycle Forms) and PDF forms.

If you are working with accessible forms, you will find the following official resources very useful:

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One Response to LiveCycle Designer accessibility resources

  1. PC Tech says:

    LiveCycle Designer v 9.0 or lower does NOT create 508 compliant forms. Here’s why: any document saved (whether static or dynamic .pdf) does not have the language property set. The language property along with many of the other property options are grayed out and can not be changed using Adobe Acrobat pro vX or v9. In order to meet 508 compliance, the document language must be set.