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Tech Notes since November

It’s been a while since we gave an update on tech notes. Here’s the list of Knowledge Base tech notes that the LiveCycle ES documentation team has published since November:

• Upgrade process for LiveCycle Business Activity Monitoring ES, version 8.2.1
• LiveCycle Content Services ES Service Pack 1 turnkey requires default directory configured
Column names in a database used for supplying form object values should not differ by case only
• How to create a custom dictionary for use in LiveCycle Designer ES
• Visible (Print Only) presence option may not work on button objects when target version is Acrobat and Adobe Reader 7.0.5 or later
• Modifying sourceSet in XFA 2.5+Forms
Compiling custom form guide components with more recent versions of Flex SDK (LiveCycle ES)
Kerberos authentication between multiple domains may fail on LiveCycle Rights Management ES 8.2.1
• Unable to stop clustered LiveCycle ES server from WebSphere Administration Console
•Out of Memory errors with LiveCycle ES ( installation on JBoss and MySQL
• LGPL library, JCIFS modified for LiveCycle ES Update 1 Quick Fix
• Clarification of XPath XML usage changes introduced in LiveCycle ES
• LiveCycle Workbench ES installation issues a false warning that Adobe Flash Player is not installed
• LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 conflicts with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 when installed on the same computer
• Out of Memory errors with LiveCycle ES JBoss turnkey installation
• Using the proper Workspace ES source code for patched versions of LiveCycle ES

Other LiveCycle ES teams (like Adobe Support) also publish tech notes. You can search the Knowledge Base for a complete list of tech notes that were published within the last few months.

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Adobe Reader Customer Survey

Have you ever sat at your desk thinking, now wouldn’t it be great if they thought to put in a feature that did “x” or “y”? Well here’s your chance to speak up!

The Adobe Reader team is eliciting feedback from you. They would like to know what you want to see most in the next few versions of Adobe Reader. Take the survey at the link below, it should take you about 5 minutes.

Adobe Reader Survey

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Happy Holidays

The LiveCycle Documentation Team would like to wish all of our readers a happy holiday! And best wishes in the new year!

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Recent Tech Notes

A few new Tech Notes (or Knowledge Base articles) have been published lately for LiveCycle ES, Acrobat, and Adobe Reader. We thought we’d highlight them for you here:

Using the Web Services service to invoke LiveCycle ES services with document input and output values
Indirect submit buttons require static references to submit buttons in LiveCycle Workspace ES
Rendering a form as a static PDF does not produce the expected output for read-only buttons
Conflicting variable/property scenario causes incorrect behavior in Acrobat 7.x targeted forms
Navigating through form fields that are disabled generates a warning message
The selection mark that appears in a check box differs in interactive forms that are viewed in Acrobat 7.x and 8.1 (or later)
Data entered in the fields located on a master page is lost when the form is saved
Dynamic form scripts cannot reference PDF form objects in Acrobat 8.x
Data selected from a drop-down list is not saved when the clearItems method is used in the script
Cannot modify border color through a script in 3D buttons
Automatic validation not performed on all clicked form fields
Differences in events-order triggering by the method cause changes in form’s layout and behavior

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We’re the team of LiveCycle ES tech writers, and we’ve created this blog to keep you up to date with news about LiveCycle ES resources. We’ll be posting news about product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, new tutorials….we’ll also provide tips and tricks on using LiveCycle ES, as well as a heads-up on (dare we say it) inaccuracies that made it into the product help.

We’d like to hear from you too…drop us a comment on what you’d like to see in this blog, or anything else.


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