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LiveCycle ES Virtual Appliance available

A LiveCycle ES Evaluation Virtual Appliance is now available for download. It is essentially a VMware ESX-based virtual machine containing the operating system (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 64-bit SP2), a JDK (Sun HotSpot 1.5 64-bit), a J2EE application server (JBoss AS Community Edition 4.2), a database management system (MySQL Community Edition 5.0.26), and LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 SP1 evaluation version. You can learn more about the download here:

This is a great tool for developers and programmers to access a LiveCycle ES server without having to complete all the steps involved in a typical installation.

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Troubleshooting the LiveCycle ES Configuration Manager

After running the standalone (non-Turnkey) JBoss LiveCycle ES Installer, you select the “Start LiveCycle Configuration Manager” option, but nothing happens. You then try to browse to the directory where you installed LiveCycle ES (e.g. D:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\configurationManager\bin), double-click the ConfigurationManager.bat file, and a Command Prompt window appears and closes in seconds. The LiveCycle Configuration Manager does not start. You check the log file (ConfigurationManager.000), but there are no log messages indicating the error.

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LiveCycle 8.2 Service Pack 1 now available

We’re pleased to announce the release of LiveCycle ES 8.2 Service Pack 1. This release not only addresses a number of customer related issues, but also includes updates to the documentation set.

The following documentation was updated for this release:
- All Installation guides
- All Upgrade guides
- All Clustering guides
- Administering LiveCycle ES guide now includes content for Content Services ES
- LiveCycle ES Error Code Reference
- Hardening and Security for LiveCycle ES
- Several of the admin help systems (Rights Management, User Management
- Contentspace End User and Admin Help
- LiveCycle Workspace ES Help
- LiveCycle Rights Management ES Help
- Three of the admin help systems (Rights Management, User Management, Generate PDF)
- LiveCycle ES Services guide
- Transformation Reference
- Creating Flex Applications Enabled for LiveCycle Workspace ES
- Programming with LiveCycle ES

Check out the resource site at for the latest guides. And don’t forget to read the Release Notes for those last minute updates.

For information on how to obtain this service pack, please refer to your Maintenance and Support welcome package or to the Customer Support portal for contact details.

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