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LiveCycle Workspace ES in a nutshell…

Did you know that you can use LiveCycle Workspace ES to interact with processes that involve users set in LiveCycle ES? Workspace ES is an RIA (Rich Internet Application) that comes with Process Management ES and allows end users to participate in and start processes that you developed. They can also search for processes using provided search templates and see custom messages in the Workspace ES banner. The search templates and banner messages are set by you as the Workspace ES administrator.

For example, Tony Blue, who is a client of Insur@nce Corp, needs to submit an insurance claim. The insurance claim he submits in Workspace ES automatically gets routed to insurance agents at an insurance company. The application form might be provided as a form guide, which is a Flash-based form that provides an easier experience for filling out the details. After the form is completed and submitted, it gets routed to the agents, where the form might be displayed as a PDF. There can be business logic set in the process so that certain types of applications are routed to different insurance agents. Since there can be many agents at the insurance company, who can get hundreds of applications a day, their list of applications to review can be managed using individual or team queues. Workspace ES also allows the agents to share their queue with each other to balance the workload or re-route applications when they are out of the office. Below is what Tony sees when he fills out his claim:

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Before automating your business process for use in Workspace ES, you must design a form and a process In LiveCycle Designer ES, you design the form, which displays and captures information from users involved in the process. The form can be displayed in PDF, HTML, or as a form guide. You can also design the form in Flex Builder or the Flex SDK. Flex forms can provide an enriched experience that transcends traditional forms designed in Designer ES. In LiveCycle Workbench ES, you design the process map, which is a graphical representation of your business process. You can configure the process map with business rules, inputs, and outputs.

After designing your form and process map, you configure your automated business process for use in the LiveCycle Administration Console by setting the process to be started from Workspace ES.

Since Workspace ES comes out-of-the-box, you may want to customize it for your organization. You can rebrand it with your own colors and images or you can build your own RIA using pieces of the Workspace ES User interface and components from the Workspace ES API.

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