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Error when attempting to interact with a service managed by the Livecycle DSC container

Siddharth Jain, Quality Manager @ Adobe


On WebSphere, errors are encountered on attempting to interact with a service managed by the Livecycle DSC container. The service is unexpectedly shown as inactive in the Livecycle administration console. Examination of the server logs (SystemOut.log) shows that the service failed to start due to class-loading issues (ClassNotFoundException errors).


The issue occurs as a result of a file-lock which prevents the DSC container from properly extracting the class files required by the DSC class-loader to a temporary directory on the local file-system. To confirm that this is the case, note the time-stamp of the ClassNotFoundException error thrown during service startup in the WAS SystemOut.log and then check that the WAS SystemErr.log contains warning messages of the form ‘The process cannot access this file because it is being used by another process’ around the same time.


To remove the lock, shut down the server and periodically try to manually delete the file for which the file-lock warning is appearing in SystemErr.log (the log file should contain the complete path of the file) . If the deletion succeeds within a reasonable amount of time, start the server and check that things are fine. If the file continues to stay locked for a long period of time, try restarting the machine.

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