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Some new LiveCycle TechNotes

Here are a few new LiveCycle TechNotes that were published recently:

  • This TechNote describes how you can synchronize Tivoli dynamic LDAP groups with User Management in LiveCycle ES or LiveCycle ES2.
  • This TechNote may help if you’re encountering Process Management ES2 throughput issues for Oracle.
  • When an XDP form with relative references to images is rendered as an interactive PDF form through LiveCycle, and passed to the Output service for flattening or to the Assembler service for conversion to a PDF/A document, you may not have all of the images in the generated output. This TechNote lists a couple of workarounds for the issue.
To search for more LiveCycle TechNotes or TechNotes for other Adobe products, use the Only Adobe content option on the Search Community Help page.
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