What’s this?

Hi, I’m David Durkee, and I’m currently an engineer on the Flash Professional team. I’ve been using the Text Layout Framework for about three years now on various projects, including the integration of the engine in Flash CS5. Over that time I’ve created a few text editing environments with TLF (I’m going to say seven at a quick count) and I’ve refined my techniques from project to project. Now, with the permission of my managers, I’m going to release some of the code I’ve written through this blog.

I’ll be posting as time permits. It takes some time to get the code ready for release. I create wrapper code to demonstrate it and may end up trying it out in ways that I haven’t used it before, even if I’ve already used it in multiple projects. That happened with code I’m working on for my first real post (after this introduction). And in some cases I may have to be careful to get code approved before I let it out into the wild. So there may be some time between releases. But if the releases generate interest and questions, maybe I’ll be able to fill in with additional discussions in between code releases.

Oh, by the way. Some of these code releases will be useable with Flash, some with Flex, and some with both. Some may be AIR-specific. While most will be about creating UI to edit TLF, others may use TLF in different ways.

2 Responses to What’s this?

  1. Alex Kiriako says:

    Hi David,

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with.

    I do have a question for you about whether TLF will ever have curved text and/or text on a path?