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June 22, 2008

Paris in June


Spending the week in Paris conducting training. First time in the city!

June 17, 2008

Hi From the SJ Office…

Working from a remote office (I’m based in Folsom, CA) and travelling as much as I do, I don’t get enough time in the San Jose headquarters. Today I had the pleasure of coming down for the day, and doing some presentations here.

For those who have never been to San Jose, the offices are BIG. Adobe’s headquarters take up most of a city block, with 3 towers around 18 stories tall. In the very center, between the towers, there’s a basketball court.

I realized today that my family has never seen the corporate headquarters. I’ve got to take the family down here and give ’em the tour. 🙂

June 11, 2008

The Adobe Ones Got Me!

Recently, I was visited in my office by a disembodied floating camera. If you haven’t seen the AdobeTV show “Ask the Adobe Ones” yet, go check it out. Kush Amerisinghe, asks me some questions regarding the AVCHD format.

Ask The Adobe Ones


June 5, 2008

Boston, New York, and soon Toronto

Been in Boston and New York this week talking to various people in the press. We’re leaving for Canada this afternoon, going to Toronto for the first time. I always enjoy Canada. I’ve been to Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver a couple of times. It has a distinctly different feel, almost like visiting Europe without the long plane ride. I’ve never seen Toronto, and I wish we had more time there – I’m flying home Friday afternoon.

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