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The Adobe Ones Got Me!

Recently, I was visited in my office by a disembodied floating camera. If you haven’t seen the AdobeTV show “Ask the Adobe Ones” yet, go check it out. Kush Amerisinghe, asks me some questions regarding the AVCHD format.

Ask The Adobe Ones

Just to recap, there is a way of adding AVCHD support to Premiere Pro today using a plug-in by Main Concept. While we haven’t announced any native support yet for AVCHD, it’s definitely a format that I get asked about a lot. If you look at the requests I’ve received from users since the launch of CS3, these are the top 3 formats:

1. P2 (Added in October 2007)
2. XDCAM-EX (Added in April 2008)
3. AVCHD (Not added…yet..)

So, while we can’t say for certain what the future holds, it has been historically one of the top formats users have requested.

And, yes, I’ve been obsessed with various types of sequencing gear. 🙂 Still playing with the preset patterns in the EMX-1, since they sound so good. 🙂


    I am using a new Canon AVCHD camcoder with great success – seems I will have to convert from Adobe Premiere Elements 4 to another video editor that supports the format – without even a due date for release, I can not wait for availability of support for native AVCHD. What a pity – I’ve been using Adobe Premiere since version 1 or 2.

    Alex, here’s a listing of the different ways to add AVCHD support to Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements 4:

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