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Exercise on the Road

I’m currently gearing up for my next big road trip – I’ll be:

* In London for Broadcast Video Expo from Feb 17-19th.

* In Prague Feb 20-23, meeting with video customers.

* In Bratislava Feb 24th for a CS4 Production Premium day seminar – details to be posted later.

* Back in Prague for another Day Seminar on Feb 25th.

* In Warsaw on Feb 26th to wrap up the CS4 Production Premium tour.

This is my first overseas trip since December, so I’m really looking forward to it. However, I’ve been in an exercise routine during my home stay, and the one thing that blows up any regular exercising for me is a road trip. Inevitably, due to jetlag or long work hours, I don’t get the exercise that I need. I try to use the hotel gym if available, or go out walking, but I don’t always have the time. Any tips from other world travelers?


    Best routine for me while on the road is a combination of simple push-ups and set-ups (crunches). There is no excuse for not getting them in before you hit the hay and you can scale them to whatever level you are currently at. 30-20-10 or 20-10-5 whatever. If I am motivated, I also try and fit in a few stairs. All hotels have stair exits and usually have at least 3 flights of stairs. Train don’t strain and before you know it you’ll be looking forward to it and scaling up. Have agreat trip! Send pix – beautiful country!

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