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Layer Tennis comes to a close….

What is Layer Tennis? Imagine a competition between designers, where 2 design teams square off against each other, each taking turns with the same file. One side makes changes, and “serves” it over to the other side, who makes changes, and then “volleys” it back to the original team. Each side gets to continue the story in a new way. Repeat this process 10 times, and see where it takes you.

The Motion Graphics part of Layer Tennis just finished on Friday – you can check out the results here: http://layertennis.com/090306/index.php Start with the intro page, and click through the numbers in the upper right to see each of the rounds. Congrats to both DK Chicago and Werk Stockholm for an awesome competition!

Headed to see Watchmen today at the local IMAX, and off to Moscow tomorrow for a week-long adventure, meeting customers, teaching classes, and showing off Adobe Production Premium to everyone who will listen! 🙂 Do Svydanya!

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