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Premiere Pro 4.1!

Today, Adobe is announcing a new free update for Premiere Pro CS4 users. The 4.1 update contains a number of new fixes and features that will benefit a wide variety of users.

One of the most exciting new features is the new enhanced RED support. Anyone using the initial release of the RED plug-in knows that Premiere Pro uses a ‘virtual proxy’ system, where Premiere Pro imports and works with the full resolution R3D files, and the plug-in tricks Premiere Pro into thinking the files are a lower resolution (chosen by the user) for a good editing experience on different levels of hardware. I’ve edited full 4k files on my laptop (using 1/8 resolution) and had a great experience. However, the initial plug-in required Premiere Pro to shut down in order to change the working resolution of the clips.

The new plug-in and support in 4.1 eliminates all of the bothersome restarts to change the working resolution. It’s all handled now in the Source and Preview monitor menus directly, and can be switched on-the-fly in the middle of editing without closing the app. Plus, the media browser now understands RED card structure, making it even easier to preview clips. Lastly, it also enables the ability to alter the color profile of the RAW clip directly in Premiere Pro! There are color, ISO, and White Balance sliders in the Source Settings panel for creating custom color profiles, and applying them across multiple clips simultaneously.

In addition to RED support, there are also new features for Avid interoperability, including support for AAF sequence import from Media Composer without having to rerender media. There’s also some nice architecture fixes that finally enable CS4 to work with HD capture boards from AJA, Black Magic, and Matrox video cards.

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