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After Effects Scripts!

After Effects is one of the most versatile apps for pushing pixels on the planet. But, what makes it a truly world-class application is how easy it is to expand its capability beyond what ships in the box.

Most people are familiar with AE plug-ins, but not as many people are aware what you can accomplish using Scripts. Scripts are written using Javascript, and can be highly useful for organizing projects, automating output, or even modifying and adjusting values within a comp. And, many many scripts for AE are available for low or even NO COST online.

Here are a couple of different links for some free or low-cost scripts:

Chris Green’s Scripts: http://www.crgreen.com/aescripts/
Chris has written some nice free scripts for rendering multiple areas of a single comp, and creating lights and cameras that automatically point to a selected layer. They’re free, but feel free to donate to Chris’s efforts.

Jeff Almasol’s Scripts: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&extid=1698043 Jeff wrote a number of scripts that are available as a free download from the Adobe site, but not many people find them. 🙂

AE Scripts http://aescripts.com/ AE Scripts has some really nice scripts available at low cost (many around US$10,) including some marked “Name your own price.” Some examples include scripts that provide new ways of interpolating keyframes for specific effects, get better integration between Mocha AE and After Effects, and more. Again, super useful stuff.


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