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December 29, 2009

Using a Flip MinoHD Camera with Premiere Pro CS4

Happy Holidays!

Technically, I’m off this week, but I had to share a small technical tidbit you may not be aware of. My friend and boss, David Helmly, just sent me a wonderful Christmas gift – a Flip MinoHD video camera, in a special CS4 Production Premium – colored edition!


If you’re not aware, the Flip MinoHD works natively with Premiere Pro CS4 without any need for re-wrapping or transcoding the files. In fact, you can play the clips direct off the camera inside of Premiere Pro.

The secret to doing this is picking the right timeline sequence: The MinoHD uses the exact format of MP4 file that the Sony XDCAM-EX camera uses. So, for North America, choose the XDCAM-EX 720p 29.97fps sequence preset when you create a new timeline, and you’ll be editing the MinoHD clips natively with no red or yellow bar in the timeline! Very cool stuff!

Picture 2.png

Have a Happy New Year, and I’ll post again after the holiday break!

December 3, 2009

Using Adobe OnLocation

There’s a new episode of Short and Suite up on AdobeTV that covers using OnLocation in the field. Check it out here:

December 2, 2009

Mercury Engine and RED

With all the new news about the Scarlet camera series from RED, I’ve gotten a couple of emails about how the new Adobe Mercury Engine will work with RED footage.

If you go to this video on Dave Helmly’s wonderful AdobeTV show:

and scrub to about the 9:20 mark, you’ll see some examples of how the Mercury Engine plays back RED footage. Dave has 4 RED R3D files (full 4k files!) playing back in the Multicam monitor in real-time. He also shows real-time chroma keying of RED files. Incredible.

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