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Stump the Karl…

Recently, I presented at a user group down in San Jose, the Bay Area Professional Video Association, showing off CS5 for over an hour. Thanks to Dan O’Hara and the rest of the BAPVA board for having me down!

I was asked a question that I didn’t have an answer to, or, rather, I thought I had the answer to – Do chapter markers from Premiere Pro come through in a Dynamic Link to Encore? And, if the chapter markers are updated in Premiere, will they automatically update in Encore?

Well, the answer to the first part is yes, chapter markers in a Premiere Pro timeline do transfer across into Encore. I got that right.

The second part I sort of got right, but I missed an important step. If you go back to Premiere Pro, and alter the chapter markers, it’s true that the chapter markers don’t automatically update, but it’s easy to tell Encore to update them. Right-click on the timeline in Encore, and choose “Update Markers from Source” as shown here:


Now, keep in mind that when this is done, ALL chapter markers are reset to what they are in the Premiere Pro sequence, and you’ll lose things like Poster Frames. But, the important thing is that you can do it. Special thanks to Dan for catching this, and tweeting me the answer.

I need to create a signature prize, like the old Marvel No-Prize, to hand out when someone catches me making a mistake like this one in a live presentation. 🙂

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