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More on color – Y,Pb,Pr and Y,Cb,Cr, and my fevered brain…

*sigh*. This wasn’t a planned posting. This is a quick mea culpa from my last several blog posts. I made a mistake. It’s actually a mistake I’ve been making for about 10 years now.

You see, in the engineering world, when discussing YUV color channels properly, there are two separate terms for analog color signals and digital colored signals. The term Y,Pb,Pr is referring to an analog signal, and I used it in a couple of my posts to describe a digital signal. The correct term for the digital signal is Y,Cb,Cr. Graeme Nattress from RED pointed out the mistake in the repost of this blog on Pro Video Coalition.

(BTW – if you don’t read PVC right now, you should. Excellent resource!)

I’ve been switching these two terms in my head for years now. Can’t explain why. Somehow, I associate the “C” for analog color and the “P” for printed on a screen. Makes no sense. At least I’m consistent about it. :-/

Discussing color is an alphabet soup of letters, numbers, variables, and more. I’m trying to break down some of the terms and make it easier for a beginner to understand. Making mistakes like this don’t help. That’s why we call Y,Cb,Cr “YUV” all the time! 🙂


    In your Max 2010 “Video Production for the Web” course you said you would post handouts on your blog. I’m bumping you on that.

      *sigh* – thanks for staying on top of this. You should have it by Wednesday at the latest THIS WEEK.

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