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Great posting on Scaling in Premiere Pro CS5

If you missed Todd Kopriva’s posting on Pro Video Coalition, you should read it now:


Great technical read on what algorithms are used by Premiere Pro depending on which mode (software or hardware) the Mercury Playback engine is run in.

Check it out.



    I’m a loyal final cut pro 7 user. I looked at fop x and premiere cs5.5 and realized that if premiere 5.5 was named final cut 8 everyone would upgrade, rave about it, end of story. So after your videos and a bit of playing myself, I’m planning to make the switch and evangelize to my fellow doc film producers about your great product. But, I’m having three problems maybe you can offer suggestions about?

    1. Saving is slow. My project Is big, but not compared to others in fcp. Moreover, in fcp, I can keep multiple projects open at once, so I am assuming I will have to have larger projects in premiere but memory won’t be a problem because of 64 bit. I am presently running on a 2006 8 core 3ghz macpro with 8gb ram. (soon to be 24). Saving maxes a singular thread of the processor. Any ideas? Raid 0 array for saving project files? Faster computer?

    Is there any kind of max file size? I’m planning to test whats possible before we jump in with the project I’m working on now.

    2. The relink files dialogue box is less feature rich than reconnect media and doesn’t allow the use of aliases. This is a pain but workable. Any ideas on how I can work differently here?

    3. I’m having difficulty figure out how to copy my transcripts from word into story, format them correctly so that premiere recognizes the scene when they are attached. I love this feature. Can’t wait to use it properly.



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