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January 4, 2018

Premiere Pro Shared Projects vs Team Projects – what’s the difference??

There’s some confusion about the difference between Adobe Creative Cloud’s Team Projects service and the new Shared Projects workflows introduced in Premiere Pro 12.0. Basically, more and more people are wanting to collaborate on video projects, and different people need to collaborate in different ways.

Rather than forcing a “right” way of doing things, the Adobe video team has introduced two separate ways of collaborating.

Team Projects – Internet-based, for smaller projects

Team Projects is more Cloud-focused and forward-thinking, but may seem different to more traditional editors. It uses a special cloud-hosted database in place of the traditional project file. All the project data is stored in the Cloud, and people are invited to collaborate on the Team Project. Users work in a “sandbox,” making changes, and choosing when to share those changes with the group. Any conflicts are handled after the fact, making branches in the project and recombined later. Team Projects are more catered to smaller projects – it’s successfully been used in news workflows, short-form editing, and even in sitcom-level 22-minute episodic television. But longer-form workflows, like feature film, really require a more robust workflow. And, it requires Creative Cloud for Teams or Creative Cloud for Enterprise. And, it’s heavily reliant on the Internet to do any sharing, since the database being used in on the Adobe Creative Cloud servers.

Shared project workflows – local, better for feature-length production work

The Shared project workflow is more locally-focused, but very familiar to professional editors in Hollywood and other Film/Television markets. And, it’s “always on,” enabling impromptu sharing with existing projects, or more structured workflows with Master projects and shortcuts. The Premiere project file becomes more similar to what others refer to as a “bin,” containing master clips and sequences. This workflow works with any version of the Creative Cloud tools, even CC Individual subscriptions, and everything is stored on local machines – no need for internet connections (beyond usual licensing needs.) Conversely, a Shared project workflow is designed for use in a single facility at a time – not for sharing over big distances. And, it requires some robust shared storage that can handle multiple users over the network.

While Team Projects has quite a few videos and resources available now, the Shared project workflow is still relatively new and may need some further explanation. I’m going to start a series of blog posts to further explain what a Shared project workflow actually looks like, and walk through different ways of setting up a local sharing environment.




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