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April 4, 2008

Has it really been a MONTH?!?

Hey everyone – sorry for the lack of posting in March. This month has been absolutely INSANE with travel and events, and April is going to be doubly so.

Here’s a quick list of where I was in March:

LA for HD Expo, hanging out with the Cineform team. Cineform has some really exciting stuff that adds to Premiere Pro’s capabilities, including working with RAW files originating from the DALSA and RED cameras. Need an online 2K or 4K worflow with RAW image manipulation in real time? Check out Premiere Pro with the Cineform Prospect 4k Add-on. Simply amazing! I hope to blog further about it in the upcoming weeks.

I was also in LA for CLASSIFIED where we were shooting for CLASSIFIED. It was a terrific experience, and I have to thank CLASSIFIED and CLASSIFIED for all the work they did!

On a similar note, I spent a couple weeks now in the Bay Area working on CLASSIFIED for the CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED.

Well, I hope that clears up how I spent my March! Here’s to a busy April! Next week, I’ll be presenting for the AIGA in Providence, RI chapter, and then it’s off to NAB for a week of exciting Vegas action. I’m especially looking forward to CLASSIFIED when I’m in Vegas!


March 4, 2008

SF Cutters

Special thanks to Claudia Crask and everyone at the SF Cutters user group for having me last Thursday! I had a lot of fun presenting Encore, and showing off Adobe’s Blu-Ray authoring solution. We had almost 100 people in attendance by my count.

February 27, 2008

Deep South Y’all Wrapup


I had the opportunity last week to work with Robert McDaniels, a member of the Education team here at Adobe. We covered 2 different events, one in Birmingham, and one in Tampa. The events were sponsored by the AIGA, which is one of the oldest and largest organizations for design professionals. In both cities, it was a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd.

Robert and I covered a lot in the 3+ hours, including web, print, and video workflows. I found it interesting that the attendees came from all 3 parts of design, and almost all of them now have to work outside of their core area of expertise – print people jumping into video, web people creating PDF’s for print, etc. We really are seeing the age of the “renaissance designer” that has to move between disciplines when necessary.

Out of my video workflow demonstration, I think seeing video in Photoshop was a big hit among the print crowd. Using a tool they already know and love to manipulate video is really exciting. The Puppet Tool in After Effects also gets high marks from both the web and print crowd because of the ease-of-use factor.

I’m looking forward to later this week – I’m doing a Blu-Ray authoring class tomorrow night in San Francisco. Blu-Ray is a very hot topic now that the format war is officially done with, and we have a nice solution for early adopters.

February 12, 2008

Wrapup from London

Well, I had a wonderful time in London at Broadcast LIVE / Video Forum UK. The show had an attendance of over 10,000 people. Video Forum is a special show for me, because it was the first trade show I attended as an Adobe employee. This year saw larger crowds than last, and a packed theatre schedule.

The Adobe booth had 2 different theatres, and I had 5 45-minute sessions in Theatre 1. 2 sets of classes were back-to-back, with the first covering Production Premium CS3, and the other covering Premiere Pro CS3 in-depth.

Now, I’m pretty OS-agnostic these days, and feel comfortable in both MacOS and Windows, so demoing is always a conundrum. I love showing off Production Premium on the MacOS since it is new to the platform, yet I also like showing OnLocation (which is one of only 2 utility programs that have to run under Windows.) This show schedule worked beautifully, with back-to-back classes. I started in MacOS, showing how great the workflow is between the applications. Then, at the 5-minute break, I jumped over into Windows, and started my Premiere Pro class there. It gave people an opportunity to see Premiere Pro in both operating systems, and see how well it performs in either.

The theatres stayed packed with people, even on the last day of the show, and there were LOTS of questions, especially from the Mac community. I think the flexibility of Premiere Pro, and the interoperability between Pr and Ae is really turning heads in the Mac community.

I also got an opportunity to hang out a bit with my friend Angie Taylor.” Angie runs a site called and has a book out by the same name. I’m forever learning new tips and tricks on Ae thanks to her. Check out her site – it’s a great resource.

February 4, 2008

In Dallas

I’m in Dallas in a darkened hotel room working on a top secret project. I’ve been staring at my computer screen for the past couple of hours, looking at the face of the man who will become a legend of Rock and Roll…. Johnny Encore.

All will be revealed soon…

January 27, 2008

Days of London

I’m in London this week for Video Forum UK. Spent this afternoon wandering the streets nearby, and stopping in some institutions, like Harrods, and the V&A Museum. The jetlag is always the worst for me the first day. 🙂

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