Adobe Unified Communications Tool – Proof of Concept

The Adobe@Adobe Team would like to share some of the current progress being made on the Adobe Unified Communications Tool, or Unicom, as it is being labeled.  The vision behind Unicom is to have an all-in-one tool for finding and interacting with co-workers at Adobe.  Unicom would bring together phone, email, chat, the Adobe Directory, and Adobe Vibe, so employees would have one single application for communicating with one another.  The application encompasses SIP integration for phone (using Flash Media Gateway), XMPP for messaging, MS Exchange, and Adobe Connect.  The application is being targeted for tablets (iOS, Android, Playbook), smart phones, and desktop.

In the video, Jamie Godin (Senior UX/Visual Designer) and Mark Ellis (Product Solution Developer) take you through the design, as well as some of the features we’re currently envisioning.  It’s an exciting application that has the potential to dramatically alter the way we communicate with each other at Adobe!

5 Responses to Adobe Unified Communications Tool – Proof of Concept

  1. markval says:

    Anyway to have a look at the code?!
    Would love to extend this!

    • Chris Mayo says:

      The A@A team often makes our solutions’ source code available on I can’t predict yet when or if we can make this code available, but feel free check back here on the blog regularly.

  2. blogs4bytes says:

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  3. Brett Swartz says:

    Very Cool , I need this now. 🙂