Adobe’s social media strategy + Adobe Digital Marketing Suite = Awesome ROI

As a leader in digital marketing and digital media software, Adobe doesn’t have to turn far to find the products and technology that it needs to create, deploy, measure, and optimize digital marketing campaigns. For the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe took the opportunity to showcase its robust social media initiatives and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

“We wanted to engage customers and drive solid business results through social media, so we had to clearly understand the impact of all our strategies,” says Maria Poveromo, director of social media for Adobe. “We not only set out to generate as much buzz as possible, but we also wanted to continually adapt our strategies along the way and see the returns.”

Adobe combined the creativity of the global social media team with the power of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to support a comprehensive social media campaign that included targeted content, A/B testing to optimize user interactions on social sites, and paid media including Facebook Sponsored Stories.

By measuring and optimizing the creative strategies used for the social media campaign, the Adobe social media team achieved a tenfold return on investment within the first two months after the Adobe CS6 launch. Social media drove more than three million visits to Using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to accurately measure creative efforts, the team also determined that visitors touched by social accounted for 13% of Creative Cloud subscriptions and as much as 4% of subscriptions for other Creative Suite products.

“We determined that our social media fans and followers spend twice as much per visit to our site,” says Poveromo. “Today, we are growing our social communities and investing in creating content that genuinely engages and serves our user base.”

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