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Introducing the new CQ Typekit integration component

After it was announced that we were acquiring Typekit I had to go see what we were buying. I was pleased to find a great new tool for my web toolbox. Over the years I have had the displeasure of having to reject comp from designers because of their use of beautiful fonts. In some cases I had to cut up comps into a million pieces to try to perserve the intergerty of the design. Over all non standard web fonts have been a real pain to deal with. Yes, there have been other solutions to help me deal with custom fonts overtime but none I really liked. I really like Typekit and the website itself is a work of art.
I am going over the top a bit but its a great platform and I am glad we acquired the company.

Now that I have found a new friend in Typekit, I needed to introduce it to my best friend CQ. After my first integration I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if an author could do this without any coding or IT help?”. So I went off and created a simple page property extension that allows a author to bind a page and its children to a Typekit kit ID.

The following is a video I shot demoing our new integration component which can be found on the CQ package share. Please forgive my lack of enthusiasm in the video. I was very tired on the day of the shoot.

Our customer package share recently underwent a major upgrade. While I am working on getting this package re-hosted in the package share here is a link to the current version.